Hi! I'm Tracey Bryant Stuckey...

I’m a success coach for teachers who dream of managing everything with less stress and more joy. I totally get what it is like to be overwhelmed and under supported in this world we call teaching.

As No Child Left Behind became our reality more than twenty years ago, I watched my vibrant kindergarteners become stressed out little beings within five years. They were expected to take norm referenced tests (on a computer) multiple times a year and all instruction had to align to the results of that “accountability” measure. This, my friends, sent me down a path of exploration... toward a better way for our children. In an effort to save my students, I engaged in years of research and trial and error planning shifts to ensure they would still be able to find joy in learning because I knew without joy there would be no motivation.

Before social/emotional learning was a buzz word in our industry, I was tinkering with project based learning design to encourage student-centered cooperative learning. I was building a classroom learning environment that supported a growth mindset and helped students use self-assessment to celebrate their successes and make a plan for their deficiencies - yes, even in kindergarten! It was important for me to help students see that education isn’t something that is done to you, but something that you actively participate in to improve one's overall understanding of the world we live in.

As the developer of The Teacher Buzz, I’m here to set you up for success in your classroom by helping you become a reflective practitioner that leads with student needs. I want to offer you strategies to bring joy back into your classroom (and your teacher's heart) plus support your beliefs that students can and should own their own learning.

I’m your biggest cheerleader and hope you will join me to create a vibrant community of teacher members that also have the confidence to use our voices to tackle important topics in education at the national level.


Meet the Buzz Squad

Our team isn’t complete without YOU as a member. Education is changing and you can be part of this movement. If you were to put your picture up today, it would certainly be very different in several years, just as education will be significantly different! You are our missing link and we hope you will click here to join us today!

“Together, even the smallest can achieve the greatest goal.” - A Bug’s Life

Our combined effort will make teaching more fun and will systematically change the face of education for generations to come!

Heather Barrineau

Winnie the Pooh’s infamous words, “Good friends will help you until you’re unstuck” are words I live by.  As the mother of two young daughters and wife of a great guy who teaches me everyday to sing, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” I’m also uniquely suited to be that friend you need in our Teacher Buzz community.  

My job on the Customer Support Team at Teacher Buzz is that of talking to and being with you. I promise I'll be A GREAT FRIEND to you all!  If you ever need anything, just reach out to me through our Facebook community. 

I am also the PEOPLE MOVER who gets you to the front of Tracey’s line when you really need that “spoonful of sugar” she so lovingly serves up at just the right time.

Stacey Bryant

Stress never really goes with my outfit!  I hold onto Rapunzel’s words, “Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.” 

As the Director of Operations at Teacher Buzz, I’m here to help you figure out what you need and where to find it.  You know, take your stress away because as Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!” I pride myself in making the impossible happen for you when it comes to the offerings in our Teacher Buzz membership community.

I’m also the LIST MAKER for you inside of our community. Here goes: 

1. Just    2. Get      3. Started! 

Welcome to our family of stress free and supportive people.

Leslie Harrell

As an administrative assistant at Teacher Buzz, there is no better way to describe my experience working with our team and the teachers who are part of our community than Lilo & Stitch’s words, “Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”  It is a family here and it is important to us that no one feels like they are alone.

I’m a teacher by day and a support to Tracey and the team by night. It is my job to prepare the materials Tracey uses in her live events and make sure she gets everywhere (and she truly is everywhere) on time to see all of you. 

Sometimes we all need a little magic and that magic, especially the one that makes Tracey look like a renaissance woman who can do everything in an amazing way is something I pride myself in every day. 

Kyle Smith

“Hakuna Matata…” Don’t worry about a thing… with Tracey Bryant Stuckey - every little thing’s going to be alright!  Anybody else still want to sing?  

Pretty much as the Logistics Director of Teacher Buzz I’m always singing to make sure things are running smoothly. Getting you in and out of the live workshops, Book Club events, and refreshing content for Tracey within the website.

Tracey, affectionately known as “Roz” around the office, is always checking my paperwork.  Don’t kid yourself, she’ll be checking your paperwork, too!  I’ll make sure I keep the links open and ready for you to send her suggestions or ideas to make being a member of Teacher Buzz the greatest experience ever. On a serious note, I’m your guy who is closest to the BOSS!  Ask me anything, just don’t send me paperwork! 

Questions or Ideas? We would love to hear from you!

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